Drive traffic, build quality followers and improve your website ranking Social Locker is the most popular content-locking plugin for Wordpress with attention-grabbing styles and advanced analytics.

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Check out some possible use cases of the Social Locker plugin on your website.

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Case 1: Lock Downloads

Let's say you have premium resources on your website available to download for free. You deserve something for your work! Why not ask visitors to share or follow? Don't lose your audience.

Note: For demo purposes the locker will appear again if you refresh the page. But on the real website the locker will vanish.

Case 2: Lock Promo Codes

Buyers like to save money. Reward visitors who like or share your page by offering a promo code. You increase traffic through social networking and buyers get a discount. What could be better?

Note: For demo purposes the locker will appear again if you refresh the page. But on the real website the locker will vanish.

Case 3: Access Only For Subscribers

With Social Locker, you can create an overlay locker that will blur some bonus content (for example, a video), until a user follows or subscribe.

Note: For demo purposes the locker will appear again if you refresh the page. But on the real website the locker will vanish.

Case 4: Sign-In To Continue Reading

Write useful tips, reveal some your secrets or publish an interesting story on your website and lock it partly via the Social Locker. And see how article attracts social traffic and converts visitors to leads.

The example below demonstrates the sign-in buttons which receive a user email and save it in the WP database you can access at any time.

An ending of your article could be here...

Note: For demo purposes the locker will appear again if you refresh the page. But on the real website the locker will vanish.

Drive Social Traffic... Starting Now!
Just Install And Get Impressive Results Already Within 24h

Social Locker is a simple tool that will systematically add viral traffic to any of your websites, any of your opt-in funnels or any of your sales-pages, 100% of the time.

You can lock anything in your content and automatically unlock it after a visitor has shared your page. All you need to do is select the part of your content you want to lock, click a button and you’re done!

Offer something, however small, in return for social shares and you're instantly 100x more likely to get those social shares. Remember: people are always looking out for themselves, first.

This way, you can use articles, videos, audio, images, download links, coupon codes or anything else you can think of as an incentive for people to give you likes or shares.

Social Locker is nicely designed and not obtrusive

Build Quality Fans & Followers

Every blogger and internet entrepreneur knows how difficult it is to get fans and followers, especially for new websites with a low budget.

Get every visitor of your site to follow you. Keep in contact with your audience and build loyalty. Just lock some valued content and tell visitors that the locked content is available only for your fans and followers.

Social Locker is nicely designed and not obtrusive
Social Locker is nicely designed and not obtrusive

Improve SEO Ranking

Google's search algorithm takes over 200 factors into consideration when determining which results to show for a search query and in what order. Social media is one of the most important factors in their algorithm and has a significant influence on how a site ranks in a search.

Results in the organic search results' top positions have a high number of likes, shares, +1's and tweets. So, the better your social media performance, the better your SEO results.

The Favorite Plugin Of Bloggers And Entrepreneurs

Why Is Social Locker So Effective? The Main Secret Of Social Locker

There were many content-locking plugins created before Social Locker. But Social Locker works like a charm, and the other content-locking plugins are less effective. Why?

The reason is simple: People love how Social Locker looks.

The plugin comes with a set of impressive, polished styles which create interest and attract attention. They are nicely animated and don't look obtrusive.

What's more, we constantly receive feedback from our clients that the Social Locker placed on a page actually decreases the bounce rate of that page.

What this means: With Social Locker, people stay on your page longer. Social Locker attracts attention of visitors and they spend more time learning the content you locked.

714% Average Increase In Social Engagement In a Day After Activation Of Social Locker On A Website

To track how the plugin works and to continuously improve it, we collect some aggregated data from our customers in real-time. Hover your mouse pointer on the block to learn more about a given metric:

Take Advantage Of All Popular Social Networks Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn (Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram coming soon)

The plugin provides social buttons for all 7 major social networks in the same interface. You can use them together or separately for customized results. Each button has individual settings.

For example: you can set up the locker to use three social buttons (Like, Tweet, +1) in order to get tweets for your promo page, likes for your Facebook page, +1s for a home page of your website.

Advanced Options of Social Locker

Fantastic Customizability

Each website attracts a unique audience. We know a good business is one that is flexible, so our plug-in adapts to you. The Social Locker has 8 additional options which can be configured to meet your needs.

Advanced Options of Social Locker

Track Your Results With Built-in Advanced Analytics
Integrated With Google Analytics

The Social Locker plugin comes with built-in, advanced analytics tools in order to track how users interact with the lockers. Easily identify which lockers on which pages are out-performing others, how to optimize your lockers and what you could do differently to improve your results.

Or send the statistics data from the Social Locker directly to your Google Analytics account for subsequent comparison with other Google's metrics and analysis.

And Even More Powerful Features…
SEO Friendly, Mobile Devices, Smart Targeting

SEO Friendly

Your locked content is still visible for search engines for better SEO by default. Of course you can turn off this feature.

4 Types of Locks

Lock any content manually via shortcodes or setup batch lock via one of 3 powerful modes ("Skip & Lock", "More Tag", "CSS Selector").

Optimized For Mobile

We have adapted the plugin for mobile devices. Mobile users can obtain access to your locked content as well as desktop users.

Smart Targeting

Set your lockers to display on specific high traffic pages on your website. Show the locker only for non-registered visitors or PC users.

Professional Themes

Need to get started fast? Simply pick one of 5 themes and customize, it's simple and easy!

Delayed Content

Load your locked content via ajax (dynamically) only when the user is liked or shared your page. Perfect for loading promo codes.

Fast Loading

The plugin is well optimized and doesn't add extra loads on your website. Confirmed with tests from the P3 plugin and New Relic.

Developer Friendly

Use the plugin events (Unlock, Lock, Ready) and hooks for customization and creating your own extensions.

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