For Wordpress

Websites based on Wordpress.

You can use the full-featured Wordpress version for 7 days free to test how the plugin works on your website.

Click the button below to download the archive for installation.

Download a free trial
Or buy on CodeCanyon for $27 right now

For jQuery

Static or non-Wordpress websites.

You can purchase the jQuery version on CodeCanyon.

After purchasing, you will get an archive containing examples and documentation explaining how to use the plugin.

Purchase for $18

Comparison of versions

Both the versions have the same set of features. But Wordpress version allows to automate the most of actions linked with the plugin. The jQuery version is for experienced users and non-Wordpress websites.

Wordpress jQuery
Installation Automatically Manually
Usage Via shortcodes Manually, via code
Configuration Via the Configuration Wizard Manually, via code
Analytics Tools Built-in tools + Google Analytics Google Analytics